Membership Information

The Society of Fetal Medicine is a global forum of Indian origin that envisions offering every fetus an optimal outcome. The Society has already embarked on its mission of opening minds to fetal needs and is a continuously evolving multidisciplinary organization with members from the fields of obstetrics, genetics, fetal medicine, ultrasound, radiology, pediatrics, pediatric surgery, neonatology, pediatric cardiology, laboratory medicine, laboratory technology, infertility, community medicine, medical statistics, medical ethics, social work and psychology.

The Society's primary objectives are to promote and expand education and research in fetal medicine and facilitate rapid translation of research findings into clinical application. The society encourages and organises continuing professional education programs, promotion of public awareness, advocating standards of practice and enunciating clinical and technical guidelines.

Membership benefits include

  1. Being part of a fraternity of likeminded individuals
  2. Free access to quarterly meetings
  3. 20% discount on all SFM CMEs
  4. 20% discount at the International Congresses of the Society of Fetal Medicine
  5. Regular emails on Fetal Medicine activities all over the world
  6. Free access to the website
  7. Substantial discount on the print copy subscription to the Journal of Fetal Medicine. Online subscription to the Journal of Fetal Medicine is complimentary
  8. Free Acess to the SFM Case Studies e Journal